Usain Bolt who has a long-term girlfriend Kasi Bennett could be in a scandal as pictures of him with a 20-year-old have made their way to the internet. Bolt and the 20-year-old

Bolt and the 20-year-old Jady Duarte a seen together in what appeared to be a bedroom. And in one of the pictures Bolt plants a kiss on her cheek as she looks into the camera. The pictures were all taken by Jady.

Jady shared the pictures on WhatsApp and she even says she didn’t realise she was a famous athlete. This was after Usain Bolt’s wild night of partying on the final night of the Olympics.

►”Usain Bolt Scandal !! Caught In Bed With Rio 20 Years Student”|Usain Bolt With Hot Brazillian Girl


Usain Bolt and girlfriend Kasi Bennett below.

How do you think Kasi should react to this reckless behaviour if Bolt indeed slept with Jady?


Usain Bolt Scandal !! Caught In Bed With Rio 20 Years Student|Usain Bolt With Hot Brazillian Girl

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